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Have your choice of any or all country specific search engine domains, user languages, device types, and search locations.

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Place your custom logo on shareable SERP ranking reports that can be sent directly to your clients.


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Start simple

Begin with the keyword and the URL for which you wish to monitor search engine rankings. You can choose to continue to a more complex setup or finish from this step. Keywords are grouped and organised by containers called Campaigns to help keep your reports organised.

Track a new keyword - step 1

Track a new keyword - step 2

Highly granular controls

You have complete control. Choose the search region/domain of your choice, select a geographic location for pinpoint accuracy, and even the language your pretend searcher understands.

Keep yourself informed

Enable email alerts and set which conditions should be met for you to be alerted by our system. Tracking key words on behalf of a client? You can directly send email alerts to them so they may see the positive movements of their keywords. Keyword alerts are grouped together and sent out in a daily bundle to balance a clean inbox with up-to-date intelligence.

Track a new keyword - step 3

View your SERP tracking report

Shareable reports

Whether you want to show-off to your friends, show a business associate, or enable a client to track their rankings in real time, we've got you covered. Why not give our demo report page a spin and see for yourself.

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SERP ranking overview Dashboard

Watch your rank

Your personal dashboard displays a high level overview of the position of your keywords in the search engine results pages and brings to attention at a glance the overall movement of your keywords.

Keyword visibility

Our zoomable visibility chart displays the day to day trends in keyword visibility across your campaigns.

Recent tracks

Effortlessly browse through a timeline view of the latest tracking data across all keywords and campaigns.

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The best SEO agencies and professionals around the world leverage our SERP expertise to track their campaigns.


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Preset Search locations


Bing domains

Map location, drag and drop
SERP ranking overview Dashboard

Full tracking location customisation

We have created the industry leader in keyword rank tracking technology, both in accuracy and search customisation. The location of your tracking query is fully customisable through three easy options, outlined in this section. Why not give it a spin today!

Preset search location
SERP ranking overview Dashboard
Custom latitude and longitude
SERP ranking overview Dashboard

Keep track of your rank in United States

We put to use IP addresses based all over the globe as a base for our search tracking technology. Search queries are further geo-focused down to your desired location or to an exact latitude and longitude!

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What our customers say about us

As an international cashmere and knitwear retailer, with a primary focus on E-Commerce, we need to track hundreds of keywords across all major search engines and languages. With SERPStream, you can easily setup location and device specific reports and choose a refresh rate that suits your business needs. If you run into any problems, their meticulous support staff are around 24/7.

You get everything you need to effectively track your rankings at no cost. It’s a no brainer.

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Xavier, SEO Co-Ordinator – WoolOvers Ltd
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