How Businesses Should Be Preparing For Google's Mobile First Index

Our mobiles have become a huge part of our daily lives. They’ve changed how we shop, how we eat and how we communicate and as a result, businesses have had to adapt to our demands with mobile use. However, with Google’s recent implementation of the ‘mobile-first index’, having a high-quality mobile site that reaches the criterion for ranking via mobile has led businesses to have to prioritise mobile-friendly browsing. London and Essex SEO agency support is often available for companies that need it, but it’s important to have a better understanding of how this new indexing works. Here, we’re looking into just how businesses should be preparing for Google’s mobile first index.

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How to Write SEO-Friendly Content in 2018

Are you one of those people who have SEO in mind when creating content for their website? We’re willing to bet that the answer is “yes.” Naturally, improving your organic presence should definitely be one of your top priorities. According to SEO Clarity research, the organic traffic accounts for more than 30% of overall website’s traffic. Furthermore, organic traffic can improve your conversion rate up to 25%.

Content is probably the most important aspect of one’s online presence, however, some people simply don’t spend enough time optimizing it. If you want to strike a perfect balance between improving your ranking and maintaining a high standard of writing, you will find this guide very helpful. When creating unique content for your site, it would be useful to keep this short checklist nearby.

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White Hat Links Vs Black Hat Links – An Unbiased Look at Modern-Day SEO!

If there’s one debate that never gets old in the SEO world, it probably has to be the white hat SEO Vs black hat SEO one. It’s difficult to talk about SEO without favoring one over the other.

However, in this article that is exactly what we will try doing. We won’t get into why you should stick to one and hate the other, but just try to explain them as simply as we can. We will also walk you through some general advantages and disadvantages associated with both of them that will allow you to make your own call, which is what we intend to achieve through this post.

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How To Set-Up Google Rich Snippets And Why Webmasters Bother With it?

A few years ago, one could pen-up a few pages of relevant content, shoot a few links to it and he would already be highly appraised by the search engines, who would shoot him through the SERPs in a heartbeat.

Nowadays, the picture is a lot grimmer and there are many a reason for that.

First of all, you have to consider the amount of people that are trying to build a website and maintain a living online, as it is often advertised as an easy way out, an undemanding endeavor that will make you quit your job and pursue your dreams!

Don't be mistaken, as those that are bickering about it from the top of their necks are usually those that sell you services related to building or maintaining a website.

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How to Recover from a Penalty from Google’s FRED Update

This March, Google rolled out its latest update. Just like other updates in the past, the “Fred Update” came without any warning, but it was significant enough for experienced marketers and site owners to notice the substantial changes in rankings and traffic.

According to some reports, the update caused fluctuations in rankings and loss of traffic by up to 90%. Moreover, a recent survey ran by Search Engine Roundtable revealed that more than 44% of sites on the Internet were impacted by the Fred update in some shape or form.

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The Importance of Building White Hat Foundation Links

In the technical terminology, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consists of white hat links that are made use of by content producers on web, who aim to increase their ranking in the search engine results.

The White Hat SEO refers to the use of tactics and strategies to cater the needs of a human audience instead of focusing on search engines only. Building the right kind of links to your website will allow you to gain a prominent position in the search engines. It is important to build links through the white hat foundation as it does not violate the rules and policies of search engines and also helps the site gain authority.

This type of link building comes in contradiction with the ‘grey’ or ‘black’ hat links that often cause trouble for the web-producers. 

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