10 Effective and Overlooked Link Building Techniques

We are happy to share with you 10 of the most effective link building techniques available. While these are proven to work, they are often overlooked and under-utilized.

So, let’s get started!

1. Redistribute Link Authority

One can argue that this is not an actual “link building” tactic. That is probably why it is often overlooked. It is an effective way to improve your PageRank by distributing the link authority to SEO-driven pages.

Below we will explain step-by-step instructions to give you a huge head-start.

  • Locate the pages on your website that already have backlinks. We have found Ahrefs is the fastest and safest way to identify those pages.

Ahrefs is a great tool that allows you to check your backlinks, keywords, and even check out your competition. It is very easy to use. Click on the provided link, enter your companies domain name and then click start “analysis.”

Under the tab marked “Pages” click on “Best by links.” and you will sort by referring domains.

Your internal search should bring up pages that are on topic and that you are ranking. It is best to use anchor text that matches exactly. Note; do not attempt this if they are site-wide.

It is good practice to do this on every new SEO-driven page. You will give your page an advantage by maximizing the page authority. SERPs (search engine results page) is a powerful platform will allow you to track your ranking and is guaranteed to increase your productivity. It has been reported that this method has allowed companies to increase their productivity by more than 50%. You have the added bonus of getting this data quickly. Your goal is to transfer the authority using this technique on day one. There is no such thing as getting the info too fast but getting it too late is a disaster that you need to avoid.

2. Value Exchange Technique

It is common knowledge that building relationships are critical in this business. You need quality backlinks. Those leaders in the industry are the people you want to link to you. This is the fastest way to get to the brass ring. One of the most serious mistakes you can make is to try to force your way in. Any good salesman will tell you, it is all about making someone like you. Yes, you will have to have something of value to offer, but understand this. There is always someone right behind you that will gladly offer what you do and then some. The deciding factor is almost always in the way you present yourself and your ability to make them like you. Humility goes a long way. Arrogance is a one-way ticket out the door.

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Assuming you are willing to move easy and assuming that you respect the need to build relationships, and you understand that you have to have something of value to give in order to get what he has that you want.

Generally speaking, there are three things of value that you can offer.

  • Money
  • Assistance or help in a certain area
  • Content

These three items are always in demand and you can never have enough of them.


Of course, there are places that will require you to pay for links. They may be very high-quality sites, or they may be established sites that have no interest in building relationships. They see everything in cash. If you really want to be linked with them, there is no other option but to pay. But there are many very high-quality sites that are willing to build relationships, willing to look at things of value that you bring to the table and see it as an opportunity for both of you. How you want to proceed is a personal choice. For this article, we are assuming you do not want to start the day off shaking the money tree.

Assistance or help

There are people working continually on the same issues you face with linking. It is fair to say you may have found a way to use a different tool or program and accomplish your goal. This is valuable. If you can shave minutes off of a time-consuming project, people are interested.

Let’s say, in your work you ran across Mr. John Smith who posted an article that explains why there is only one software program that he uses. Perhaps you have created a plugin or a replacement that takes that software to the next level. Send him a polite and informal email that lets him know about. Here is an example:

To: John Smith

From: You

Re: Faster Posting

Hi! I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your article, “The best SEO tool, 2018.” I considered the tool, but I needed something that would allow me to send more than one URL at a time. I could not find one.  So, I have found a way to use the same tool but with a plugin, we created that allows you to copy and paste the addresses in blocks up to 10 at a time. We are having much success with the program now.


Bob Jones

Of course, Smith is going to ask Jones for more information. Help = links. The relationship will grow from there but the benefits begin now.

3. Quantity equals Quality

Have you ever clicked on a website where every click brings up what could be a library of information? To put this in a different light, consider this. A small blog post is usually 400 to 600 words. A decent post that portrays complete thoughts is roughly 1000 words to 1500 words. All of these posts are respectable in the world of blogs, but even the 1500 word post will not invite people to link to the site.  

People want to link to sites that have a wealth of information. They want to link to sites that draw crowds and in the world of posts, that usually means 5000 (plus) words. This is a case of bigger is better.

The thing is, it must be real content. They want content that is fresh, different and opens new avenues of thought. But, beware This technique will blow up in your face if you wander too far off topic, or if you try to fill your page with “fluff.” If you are going to use the technique, respect the rules. This is a great technique that is proven to work.

4. Foresite With Links

You want to create content that will attract backlinks. But, you do not want to spin your wheels. You need to know it will work before you invest a lot of time into the content. Well, we can show you easy ways to know exactly what will pay off for you and it is really easy.

First, you want to check out your competitor’s pages and see which pages are the most “linked to” pages.

  • Go back to our old friend, Ahrefs
  • Enter your competitor’s domain name
  • Click on the “Best by Links” tab

This will bring up the topics that your competition has used, that has attracted the most backlinks (in your area of expertise). This is your road map to the content you need to produce. Of course, you need to create the best content.

  • Use the same technique for social posts that go viral
    • Go to Buzzsumo and click on “Enter a Topic”

This will pull up ideas that have attracted social shares and links.

(Repeat these steps with YouTube.)

BuzzSumo is a marketing must-have. It is a research tool that allows you to identify the most shared content. This includes social media channels. You can check out other companies hits and also your own. This allows you to zoom in on the hottest content and

And BOOM! You see the ideas that niche is most interested in.

  •  You’re not finished
    • Now that you have some killer content, contact the people who had linked to the posts you pulled up. Contact them and asked them to take a look. Your email should be in the tone, “If you liked that, you gotta see this!” The curiosity will always get the best of them. Mention that they came up when you were doing research on (your topic) and you would like to invite them to test the waters so to speak. You are simply letting them know who you are and that you have something of value to offer. If they reply asking for the link, you are in. Make sure to follow-up with a “how did you like it” email.

5. Linkerati At It’s Best

Linkerati refers to a prime site that is willing and able to link to your site. They are candidates that are easily identified and welcome to relationship building. The best thing of all is this technique is very easy.

How do you find them? When you host expert roundups or interviews, or when you open your forum to contributors, they actually come to you. Great content is often an added bonus. Even in the initial phase, this program works for you.

Your value to them is immediate. You are going to link to these high-quality and expert sites. You are going to post about their programs, ideas, and talents. They will link to your copy to build their name and reputation. In short, you cannot go wrong with telling the world how good you are. The value hand-off is effective and fast. The relationship has begun and will grow over time.

6. Going Celebrity Style

Celebrities often grant interviews when they have a new movie or book coming out. They grant the interview with the understanding that after or during the questions, the subject of their project will come up. The interviewer gets good ratings for all the people who tune in just to see their favorite star and the celebrity gets to plug his money maker.

Send a nice email introducing yourself and ask to interview them. Explain why you expect to get great feedback. Keep it light and simple. You are doing a soft sell of yourself. There are good results for everyone You just need to point them out and make it easy for them to say yes.

7. Guests Post

It is unbelievable how many people overlook this technique. Experts in your field or a related field are not taking your business. Inviting them to do a guest post, is good business. They add value to your site and their followers read your blog. They are already interested in the subject. Of course, you will have rules. This included minimum words. No selling (a link is fine) and they must provide a quality post. If it is going on your site, it should be good enough to post on their own. If you leave room for guests posting in your niche, you will always have a good following. This is building relationships 101. The post must be original and not an excuse to keyword or SEO stuff the content. That is a sure way to get sanctioned by Google. Most expert sites will not do these things anyway as it is not good business. Set the guidelines for the post and be sure it meets those guidelines. Do your work. Make sure you are getting original work and there is no plagiarism involved.  

So, there you have it. Methods that are ripe and ready to work for you. These techniques are untapped. There is nothing standing in your way but your keyboard. Why not put this strategy to work for you. Success is just a few pages away.

8. Backlink Gold


When you like the work or product of a company, it is important to drop them a line (email) telling them about it. When you write them, be sure to tell them that they are welcome to post your testimonial on their website. They will almost always take you up on your offer.

(added bonus) Many times the person you contact will ask for your web address so they can verify that you are for real. Then they may post a link to your site.

9. Cheap link

It seems like everybody has a blog. There are bloggers on every subject. But they are not all good for your business. But, if you find a blog that is in your niche (or close to it) that has a good following, send them your product for free, in exchange for a free review on their site. Most bloggers today are also vloggers. That stands for video blogg. You will see countless vlogs on YouTube. A free product to review gives them a fresh subject, which are sometimes hard to come by. It is a win/win for everyone.

How do you find the bloggers?

Go to Google. Do a search on your product. Let’s say you sell essential oils. Google will pull up a list. You will remove the commercial sites and any news sites. What you will have is a list of bloggers who either have “why I love essential oils” or DIY sites. This is a hot spot for you. Check their followers, and the quality of their sites. If they have a good number of followers, you will have an entire line of potential customers and all it costs you was the price of a sample and a few stamps.

Reaching out

You will want to send an email to the bloggers that you want to give you reviews. Your email should look something like this:

To: Blogg Blogmaster

Good afternoon. I happened across your blog and I enjoyed it. You have some great information. I make essential oils for health and relaxation. I normally charge X for my product. But, I would love to send a sample for no cost. If you would like to get a free sample, get back to me with the address you want it sent to.


Oily Oil


Do not ask them if they will review your product in exchange for a free sample or for a link. That is strictly against the Google’s Webmasters Guidelines. You do not want to break Google’s webmasters guidelines.

10. Reclaim What’s Yours

Link reclamation is not difficult. You look for web pages on the internet that have mentions your name and/or your product that has not been linked back to you. You don’t have to call the internet police or get mad. You need to send the webmaster an email, asking him or her to link your name or product back to you. A friendly note explaining that they forgot to attach the link is usually all you need to do.


Dear XYZ

Thank you for mentioning my product (company, website) on your great post. I was wondering if you would link my website to the mention. That way, if your followers would like more information it will make it easier for them to find us. We really appreciate it.  

Continue your search and reclaim as many links as you can find.

Start a Scholarship

Getting links to .edu pages is difficult. However, it is not impossible. The key is giving them something of value that they want. The easiest trick is to set up a scholarship on your website. People in all professions do this. Law firms, doctors, engineers, and others use this method. Set up the rules, amount, and what it takes to win. View this example of a College Scholarship Essay page.

Contact the universities and colleges in your area (email works) that link scholarships. They are easy to find. Simply conduct a Google search with the this string; “:.edu “scholarships.” you will get links left and right. Anything that helps the students is news. Hint: many law firms have give scholarships twice per year for this very reason. It does not have to be a lot of money. $500 twice per year or annual scholarship for $1000 is enough to gain you a lot of traffic.

There you have it. Using this list will give you a huge advantage. Backlinks are a profitable endeavor and very much worth your time. Yes, there are many ways to get backlinks. Finding your favorite way takes a little time. But an industrious person will take advantage of all possibilities.  

Sources: Nathan Gotch, 7 Untapped Link Building Techniques

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