SEO Solutions For E-Commerce – Once or Monthly?

Search Engine Optimization of a website requires upkeep. Even if you use an SEO and Search Engine-friendly site (like WordPress) you will not continually get the ranking you want on Google and other important search engines if your SEO program goes stale. The question becomes, do you need an SEO consultant or can you get […]

The Only SEO Strategy You Need in 2019

Whether you’re just starting out with SEO or you’ve been taking a scattershot approach to this point, here are some suggestions for an overarching strategy. 1- Please Your Users This may seem like it goes without saying, but often companies focus on pleasing search engines first and foremost, which is a mistake. After all, Google’s […]

8 Types Of Blog Posts That Keep Traffic Coming Your Way

When I hear someone talk about “writer’s block” it makes me chuckle. I am sure that people writing their life story, suspense novels, and mysteries face writer’s block. But, if you want to really know the frustration of writer’s block, begin a blog. Post on your blog daily, or weekly for a while, and at […]

How I Went From 56 Page Views To Over 1000 per day

Pick up any marketing strategy report or any business publication and you will soon see the conversation leads to getting traffic to our websites. There was a time when we could write an article, sprinkle it with strong SEO keywords and soon the hits would start rolling in. The massive growth of the worlds of […]

From 46 to 50,000 Visitors in One Month

Get The Backlinks That Will Actually Grow Your Blog Traffic There is a common misconception in the modern marketing industry. Many people think that every backlink they establish is going to bring them tons of traffic from referring domains. Look at the chart below. This is from They have a whopping 37k referring domains. […]