How I Went From 56 Page Views To Over 1000 per day

Pick up any marketing strategy report or any business publication and you will soon see the conversation leads to getting traffic to our websites. There was a time when we could write an article, sprinkle it with strong SEO keywords and soon the hits would start rolling in. The massive growth of the worlds of SEO and content marketing let us know one thing. Your SEO words may allow you more clicks, but if you are baiting a customer to get them to your page and then giving them nothing of value, your strategy no longer works. Google will not allow it and your site will be penalized.

Below you will find the tools that I used to create my strategy to massively increase my pages views, organic page views, and traffic.

Blogging Increases page views

Blogging is a very important tool that you must incorporate into your website. According to Hubspot, sites that blog has 97% more inbound links. Those who blog up to 4 times per week have significantly more traffic than those who post weekly or monthly.

If you blog useful and impelling information that touches any emotion in a reader, they will continue to visit your site. Maybe your blogs (or guest blogs) excite the reader and give them hope to follow your strategy. Maybe you are brutally honest and do not pull any punches. Even if your blog strikes a nerve with them, they will comment, and they will return. This is true in all blogs and with all subjects. If you make the reader laugh or your words surprise them they will want to read your posts again.

Note: If you are guest blogging, and linking informative sites to back up your data, be sure you use your own site as a source. If you only put your link in the bio at the end of the article, it will be overlooked.

Content – Do it right or go home

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What is the goal? It is content that informs and educates the reader. It is properly optimized and SEO word, rich. It contains information that people want to share. It contains information that people want to use.

Useful content is the only content you should allow on your site. The days of “Fluff and Stuff” are over. Make it count and make it stand out. Quality content satisfies your reader, gets on all the social media programs via shares, and it brings organic page views to your site.

How do you know if your content is top-quality? Besides the numbers going up for you due to shares and comments, there is a way to get much more data from your blog.

You can get excellent content ideas with Buzzsumo. Just plug in your keyword (s) and feast your eyes.

Other ways to discover a good content subject is by reading the comments and the reviews from your work. Is there a question that keeps coming back? If so, you have a subject that already has an interest. So write it up and give the people what they want. Plus, if the question (as they often do) gets by someone, you can link to your internal pages to answer the call.

Why you need Google Analytics

If you do not use Google Analytics, you should start. Like, right now. Your website is your hub on the web. Your website does much the same for your business in the virtual world as your business office, manufacturer facility, and sales locations are in the physical world. This is where you are going to impress the masses. What can Google Analytics do for you?

Google Analytics tells you how many people visited your site on any given day. It drills it down for you. It will tell you (among many other things) the following:

  • How many visitors came to your site?
  • How many of them were first-time visits?
  • What pages did they click through to?
  • How long did they stay on each page?
  • Did they share and/or comment your site on social media?
  • What form of social media did they post it on?

Google Analytics also tells you how well a campaign or give-away is working. It does this by drilling further into your visitor’s habits.

  • What was the average age of the visitors?
  • Which gender group is represented the most?
  • How many viewers watched the videos embedded in your site?

In short Google Analytics will give your site the boost you desire and it is information you cannot get anywhere else.

Create viral videos

A video going viral is not usually the product of chance. Those who “go viral” strategically written and postes. There are three basics that every video should have.  Again, get the idea from Buzzsumo.

  • Your video must have a great headline. Realize that a great headline for Instagram, may not be a great headline for Twitter. People do not have unlimited time to visit social media, so you have to grab their attention.
  • Never release a post that is less than 3000 words. This is a two for one deal. First, the longer post gives you more SEO opportunity. Second, the majority of posts on blogs are 500 words. When your beefed up post arrives, it stands out as a Goliath. That is a giant among men. Natural curiosity will cause a person to click to see what you have to say because it must be good.
  • Have a great idea that people want to know about. Don’t take an average idea and try to pump it full of words. Remember? “Fluff and Stuff” is dead. Do the work. Give them a reason to share. Tell them everything they need to know and link them to the sources.

Note: There are times when a teaser title is a good idea. It usually depends upon the subject and the tone of your post. But do not get sucked in and start using teaser titles with every post or you will look like you are just tossing out “clickbait.” Readers do not like to be tricked and they do not like being strung along for 20 minutes before they find your actual meaning or what you promised to deliver by way of an open-ended title.

Give away a freebie

Everyone loves a freebie. Even if it something they do not think they need they will take it and give it to someone else. (Of course, every hand that it gets passed to is traffic for us!) This tool can really help you zoom in on your target audience. If your target audience is established adults in the 30-40 year range, a free ebook or subscription to your publication on these types of subjects are great. They are already set up, and they are reaching for methods to take their baby and grow it. They will most benefit from this and all of their efforts will trickle back to you. If your freebie is inclusion in an invitation-only webinar, you are going to hit your target. However, if your freebie is a wobble-head figure with your face and your logo on the stand, you may get very young people, new to the business. They will be the next generation of internet business experts. But, today, they have few followers of merit and few followers mean few backlinks of quality. Therefore you will not have a good ROI (return on investment.)


According to Neil Patel, research shows, humans process visual data 60,000 times more than text.  Further, 65% of your readers are visual learners. Placing a chart, graph, or marketing piece with data incorporated among the wording is a fast and solid way to drive your message home. Many times the infographic alone is enough to cause a reader to click and inquire immediately before the image is gone. Infographics may be inside your copy, or it may serve as your video photo for YouTube. This is an easy way to drive your traffic up.

The information in this article is tried and true. These are the tool Incorporated to begin the surge of traffic that I needed. These subjects are carefully selected and they fit well with Google’s rules and regulations. By using these tools, your rank will rise quickly.

Finally, keep in mind that Google is always changing. Keep up with Google and their algorithm. Adjust your articles as needed to stay in Google’s graces. The time to start is now. Huge numbers are just up the road, and this article will help you get there.

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