SEO Solutions For E-Commerce – Once or Monthly?

Search Engine Optimization of a website requires upkeep. Even if you use an SEO and Search Engine-friendly site (like WordPress) you will not continually get the ranking you want on Google and other important search engines if your SEO program goes stale.

The question becomes, do you need an SEO consultant or can you get the results you need with your in-house tools, skills, and marketing programs? The answer to this varies between companies. It depends on the number and skill set of your employees and the time you can dedicate to this critical leg of the corporate journey. Below, we will give you the information or at least the food for thought that will allow you to make an informed choice.

Google is Ever-Changing

Google is king. Accept it and get on board. Since SEO began, people have tried to beat the Google system. Way back, when the importance of having keywords in order to get a high-ranking position, people tested the boundaries. They shamelessly used keywords repeatedly in their articles and web pages. Some managed to get high-rankings, only to have poorly written content that made no sense due to keyword stuffing. Google soon put an end to that. It is safe to say you will never have a program or a staff member who is faster, better informed, and more able to respond than Google.

Google is in the business of providing its customers with the best and most efficient internet experience. If you strive for quality and pay attention to the rules of optimization, they have a place for you. But if you keyword-stuff and over optimize, your site will not show up anywhere near the top. In fact, Google can make your site disappear. By current standards, no visible internet presence means no business.

Google has the power, the Google-bots, and the technology to take the wind out of your sails. If you do not believe that Google is ever changing, ever improving, and ever-growing, click this link to search Google’s changes by the year. On average, Google changes the algorithm 500-600 times a year. Not all of the changes are significant to you. But they serve to fine-tune the Google services.

Continual Motion – Sliding down the ranks

Companies often put all their energy and skill into getting placement. They use the best people on their team. They may even hire a consultant for the job. They get it right and they rank at the top. All is right in their world. The problem is, this is not a one-time adventure. They have the SEO words in place. They are linked well. Their business has not changed. So why should their placement change? Because Google is on a mission that demands change.

Google is continually spidering the internet. They want to bring new services, advanced products, upgraded and enhanced product to the limelight. Remember, their goal is to provide exceptional experiences to the public. The simple fact that you are not changing will cause you to slip in the rankings.

  • Changing patterns

Over time, the words people use to conduct a search change. The reason for this is people do not want to see the same search results time and time again. They will change up phrases and keywords to merit different search results. The most obvious example is SEO words. Before people ever heard of SEO words, they used the word “keywords” to learn about ranking online. They exhausted their searches with “keyword” and we began seeing “SEO” pop up. Long before anyone knew what SEO stood for, people replaced the word “keyword” with “SEO words” for different results.

Letting your website sit without change for even a few months will keep it from anticipating content, searches, and network trends.

  • Not a “small business” tool

Some mid-size companies consider optimization as an advertising method for small business. In other words, they do not see it as something that would justify spending marketing dollars on. This concept is 100% false. Optimization is part of every business. It should be viewed as part of your profits, not as an expense. It is not a question of, “will it pay off.” It is a matter of how much it will pay off.

If a mid-size company does not have the staff onsite with the drive and ambition to stay abreast of the curve, it is absolutely necessary to have professionals implement changes.

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SEO pro tips may be handed to you on a silver tray, but if you lack the skill, motivation, or time to implement these skills correctly, they are useless to you and that will cost you big time. If there is no time or motivation for this chore, you probably are not investing your time on backlinks and building contacts and communication. To put this as simple and to the point as possible. You need an SEO consultant and you need them now.

If you are a company who has employees in place with SEO skills, and if you have the tools in place to stay current, you must make this a priority for them. As stated, all the tools in the world are useless if you do not put them into practice.

If your size and revenue don’t merit having a full-time employee on staff, you should consider outsourcing this work. Maybe you are comfortable where you are. You are not in a growth pattern. You do not plan to expand your business or make it any larger than it is right now. You still need SEO optimization online. Not ranking on Google does not mean holding your own. Sliding down the ranks means you are backing up. Your company will slip into oblivion.

This is the world we live in. Google is a fact of life. No matter where you are with your business. Failing in this area is a death sentence. It may be a slow-bleed, but it is still a bleed. The tools are out there, how you access them is up to you. But, make a choice soon, or you will be left behind.

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