The Importance of Building White Hat Foundation Links

What Do We Mean By White Hat Link Building? 

In the technical terminology, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consists of white hat links that are made use of by content producers on web, who aim to increase their ranking in the search engine results.

The White Hat SEO refers to the use of tactics and strategies to cater to the needs of a human audience instead of focusing on search engines only. Building the right kind of links to your website will allow you to gain a prominent position in the search engines. It is important to build links through the white hat foundation as it does not violate the rules and policies of search engines and also helps the site gain authority.

This type of link building comes in contradiction with the ‘grey’ or ‘black’ hat links that often cause trouble for the web-producers.

Types Of Links You Need To Know About:

 Search Engine Optimisation techniques are often placed under two categories:

  • Authentic techniques approved by search engines that are considered to be a part of good valuable design.
  • SEO techniques that target search engines only, neglecting human audience. The use of aggressive and unethical strategies to gain prominence.

To give a better idea of this concept, these techniques are further classified into Black Hat, Grey Hat or White Hat SEO. White Hat SEO will be discussed in detail below. 

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Black Hat SEO technique

Black Hat SEO is often referred to as the most aggressive strategy as it does not comply with the rules or foundations of the Search Engine. It is often adopted by those who are interested in a easy success and short cuts only to gain fast financial return on their investment. There is is a greater chance of this website to be banned once their activities are discovered by the search engines. Certain techniques adopted by them are:

  • Hidden texts
  • Link farms
  • Blog Spam
  • Scraping 
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Paid Links
  • Parasite hosting
  • Doorway pages

Grey Hat SEO Technique

Grey Hat SEO can be labelled as the middle ground. It’s neither entirely correct, nor incorrect. The strategies adopted are somewhat favourable to both ends. It provides a reasonable user experience along with helping to reach higher rankings in a medium time frame. There is a medium risk involved in it as compared to the Black Hat SEO technique. Some features of Grey Hat are:

  • Three way link exchange
  • Article Spinning
  • Buying Old Domains
  • Buying Expired Domains
  • Google Bombing

Why Is Building White Hat Links Important?

Each website comes with a certain target market and aims to gain popularity in that discipline. However, in failing to achieve the right audience and web links with high authority websites, that website will not be able to gain the required reputation and prominence. 
In the world of technology, the success factor of your website is determined by your search engine results position or SERPs. The quality of your traffic, abiding to the webmaster guidelines and achieving a high rank in the search engine, all of this requires a detailed understanding and a diversified approach towards the development of the pertinent web links. 
This area can be covered by realising the importance of White Hat Foundation links. By adopting this methodology, there is no risk of ‘dodging’ the search engine by bad-quality links. 

How To Develop A Suitable White Hat Link

This strategy does not work overnight as it requires a detailed planning and the amalgamation of right elements in the correct places. Building the suitable white hat link does not require a specific formula or trick, rather the appropriate strategy on what to include and how to gradually go about it, will get you the desired result. We aim to provide you some white hat techniques based on the strategic building of the SEO link.

Content Marketing

A key element to the strategic marketing methodology, creating the appropriate content and marketing it to the relevant audience through well-researched means, gets you the organic traffic you are looking for. Content marketing is only useful if you have produced the right type of content. Instead of writing irrelevant information that is not required, useful and to-the-point content should be given to customers. Content marketing leads to cost savings, increased sales and loyal customers in the long run. 


Info-graphics are, as the name suggests, visual representations of data and information through graphics. These can be a catchy and useful source as a white hat link to gather the attention of your target audience. But again, this method requires the right information even if it’s graphic in nature. Egobait or linkbait is often used to describe this strategy.

Guest Blogging

Creating a blog post for someone else’s blog is termed as guest blogging. One of the advantages it holds is of gaining backlinks that eventually improve the rankings in the search engine of the guest blogger’s site.

Site Optimization

This strategy can prove to be a critical one in the promotion of your content. The wording, expressions and structure used to attain a high ranking in the search engine is the core of the SEO industry. Attractive titles, meta tags, creating manipulative content, comes under the category of maximising the effectiveness of search engines.

Quality over Quantity

It is important to create rich valuable content in order to attract a wide range of human audience. Even if this requires adding a touch of sensational or conventional element, the content producer should consider it as long as it attracts other webmasters. They will then link to your website if they find relevant material on their required subject. Even though this task of producing qualitative material can be time consuming and costly, it will prove to be a useful technique in the bigger picture.

The Advantages Of White Hat Links

  • Long-term strategy
  • No risk involved as it complies to the rules and policies of the SEO
  • Brilliant User Experience

It is extremely important to view the White Hat link in comparison with the other types, as it enables the user to critically analyse the pros and cons of all the factors involved. Black and Grey SEO techniques might guarantee easy success but it is a short-term route taken by those who are only interested in money and not quality work. This validates the importance of White Hat Link and why building links using this technique is important for web producers. 

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