Top 10 Best Seo Tactics To Use in 2019

SEO is a thing that has to be embraced by all site owners who’d like for their websites to rank higher on different search engines. For obtaining higher rankings and for increasing traffic, it’s very important to use the best search engine optimization strategies.

However, you need to realize that modern search engine optimization techniques focus on not just the search engines but also the general user experience. Also, Google keeps updating the algorithm, and the tactics that you utilized a few years back will not be helpful today. A good approach is important. And this post will list Top 10 Best Seo Tactics To Use in 2019 that will surely work for you.

  1. Chatbots And Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence technology has been gradually but definitely become much better in recent years, fuelled by artificial intelligence assistants and chatbots that assist businesses in connecting with users in the off-hours. Businesses such as Google have been developing artificial intelligence technology that can interact with individuals, with the capability of making their own speaking patterns and performing tasks without user assistance. The new Duplex application of Google allows this feature on Google Pixel phones, which fairly serves as a test platform to check if the new technology is capable of becoming successful in its current condition.

The chatbots have become more common in different company sites and social media pages. With its ease of utilization and integration, chatbots offer 24/7 service, making sure that messages would be capable of receiving a detailed and quick response to the inquiry. It’s also become a cost-effective way as well, as it assists in lessening the human workload to a certain level.

When it comes to search engine optimization and digital marketing, having artificial intelligence technology permits more automation to a site, offering users a guide that allows them to navigate in the site further, even leading them to the Buyer’s journey that directs to conversions.

  1. Improve User Experience:

If you desire the website to obtain more traffic and also get higher rankings in the search engine, you need to make sure that the site is user-friendly. When the website offers visitors with the experience they were looking forward to or better; the visitors tend to splurge extra time on the website, which could improve rankings in search engine. Google identifies the time a user has splurged on the site.

If a user takes an extended time, Google will desire to give him the most relevant outcome. However, you have to get that for a user to splurge a lot of time on the website; you need to post high-quality and relevant content.

  1. Link Building:

It is a modern search engine optimization technique that isn’t expected to go away anytime soon. Why? Search engines contemplate backlinks as a ranking aspect, and if the website has many quality links, it’ll almost certainly rank higher.

It’s then up to you to use the best link building plan so that the site is free from toxic links that can perceive you get penalized. It’s most wise to source backlinks from the authoritative websites.

  1. Increase The Speed Of Your Website:

Make sure the speed of your site is optimal. A lot of us are not patient. Assess the pictures and see if you require deleting them, as they’re the main reason for the low-speed internet. Make sure you have the necessary extensions and plug-ins and get rid of the pointless ones. Make certain pictures are appropriately compressed and do not overload the website with the CTA buttons unless they are important.

  1. Optimize The Website To Be Mobile-Friendly:

If you’d like to experience the best search engine optimization results, then you have to make sure that the website is mobile-friendly. Why? In 2016 when Google updated the algorithm, mobile-first indexing became a search engine optimization ranking factor.

They did this after comprehending that most searches are done utilizing phones. After all, it’s not the 1980’s, where mobile users were limited. Today, every person all over the world now has mobiles. Therefore, you must optimize the website to be mobile-friendly to get higher search engine optimization rankings.

  1. Rely On The Accessible Search Engine Optimization Tools:

If you’re a digital marketer, you should have comprehended the significance of search engine optimization tools by now. They assist you in having an obvious grasp of the performance of the website, plus they allow you to analyze, resolves issues, and even generate website reports.

Many tools execute diverse functions for assisting to boost the website’s search engine optimization rankings. You ought to utilize them accordingly, but you must acquaint that there are paid and free tools. They’re a competent way to optimize and manage the site.

  1. Metadata:

Metadata is a vital part of search engine optimization, and it comprises title tags and Meta descriptions. You must make sure that all the content you post has them. They have to be unique, and each must describe what a particular page is about.

If you copy them, the website will hardly get identified. Conversely, title tags have to be attractive, and they must contain a keyword for informing the users what the page is all about. They also have to be unique with each page.

  1. Optimize The Images:

Images and other pictures are great for the site. But you have to ensure they are optimized correctly if you desire such images to improve the search engine optimization ranking. We’re referring to the factors like the file size and format. Huge pictures can slow the page loading time, which hurts the ranking.

Compress or resize the pictures for optimizing them. You can also utilize the pictures for sneaking in the keywords by naming them accordingly. For instance, let’s say you have a site that sells bathroom products. In place of naming a picture something like shampoo1, you can name it best shampoo for short hair. You can strategically utilize keywords in the title of the picture as well as the description or caption.

  1. Utilize Cookies:

Utilizing links that track paths of the users from the current webpage they’re accessing to the home page of the blog is another outstanding trick to contemplate. There’re diverse kinds of the path, cookies–location, and keywords.

  1. Utilize Social Media:

Social media makes brand awareness by increasing engagement, directing to link building, boosting the search engine optimization ranking, and permitting for content marketing. For correctly using it, research the target audience thoroughly and contemplate reaching different social media influencers to make the hype.

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