What is SERPStream?
We are a highly customisable search engine results page keyword tracking service. Our service enables SEO professionals and agencies track the performance of their campaigns through an online app that combines style and engineering excellence.
How can I get in touch?
We loving hearing from customers and potential users, please drop us a line any time via the contact form and you may just be pleasantly surprised by the speed with which we reply.
Where can I get more details about your security practices?
We are currently in the process of putting together a webpage that outlines some of the steps we take to keep your details safe.
What is SERPStream's approach to data privacy?
We take all possible precautions to keep your data safe from unauthorised third parties. In addition, we do not share any of your details with any third-party. We detest spam as much (if not more than) you!


How can I reset my password?
You are, mostly likely, familiar with the password reset procedure we have adopted as most secure websites do it in a similar way. Please navigate to the password reset page, enter your account email and submit the form. You must then open the email you have received and follow the instructions within.
How can I resend my confirmation email?
Please login to your account, at the top of the dashboard page you will see a large banner asking you to confirm your email address. Contained in this banner, to the right side, is a button which when clicked will resend your confirmation email.
How do I update my default keyword settings?
Please navigate to the keyword settings page and update the form to the settings you require and submit the form. Now every time you navigate to the 'New keyword' page it will be pre-populated with your default settings.


Are my card details secure with SERPStream?
Yes. We pride ourselves on the security of SERPStream, however, we are not PCI DSS certified so it would be illegal for us to directly process your card details. For this reason we outsource all billing to the industry leading payment provider known as stripe. Your card details go directly to stripe, who then tokenise the card and return to us a token to store. Please reset assured we take security very seriously.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes of course you can. Before you do it would be great if you'd contact our support team to see if there is anything we can do help you stay with us!
What if I want to change plans?
You may upgrade, downgrade, cancel, or resume your subscription at any time - we're very flexible. Just head over to the plans page and select a new plan to switch to.
How often am I billed?
Depending on the plan you have chosen you will be billed every 30 days or every 365 days.